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How to Create a New Customer

Creating a new Customer in Prophet 21 can sometimes seem like a daunting task.  Customer Maintenance has a large number of tabs with required fields buried within them.  Just when you think you have everything good to go – Suprise!  There’s still another required field.  In this video, I am going to walk you the bare minimum of the process.  That way you can quickly create new Customers!

What We Cover

In this video, I am going to walk you step-by-step through the process.  From navigating to the window to saving the new Customer, you’ll quickly learn the ins and outs!  I show you all of the hidden required fields and I’ll let you know which tabs they are located in.  This is a similar format to our video on Creating a New Item (linked here).

Why Only the Basics?

Throughout this video, much like in the Create A New Item video (linked here), we will only be covering the basics.  As I mentioned earlier, there are an abundance of tabs and fields.  Every company/business is different in what fields you are required to enter when creating a Customer.  If you have a tab or field you would like to see covered, let us know!  You can either tweet us @apod817 (linked here) or comment on our video (linked here).  We love hearing from you and being able to help you out!