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How to change Published Lead Time in P21.

What is Published Lead Time?

Lead time is the time it takes to go from creating a PO to when the item is available in your inventory.

Epicor’s Prophet 21 utilizes several Lead Time functions including Published Lead Time and Average Lead Time. Published Lead Time is different from Average Lead Time since you must manually input the value into the system, and P21 will use that over the system calculated average lead time. Remember, once you set it, Published Lead Time will also affect your calculated order point. (Visit this post for a tutorial on understanding and editing Average Lead Time.)

Things to note:

The one downside to using Published Lead Time is that it is a manual process and must be edited at each item location combination. Unfortunately, there is not currently a way with “out of the box” P21 to go into supplier maintenance and automate Published Lead Time from an item. (Note: You may be able to accomplish this with a mass update or business rule.)

This article gives an in-depth breakdown on how to calculate accurate lead times and create an effective inventory management system.