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Purchase Order Receipts Part 2

In today’s video, we are going to be covering Purchase Order Receipts part 2.  If you missed out on part one, you can find it (here).  During this video, we are going to dive into some more useful tabs on PO Receipts.  Some of these tabs are similar to tabs we have seen in PO Entry, however, others are a bit different.  If you enjoy these videos, make sure you follow our YouTube channel (linked here) and Twitter (linked here) so you can stay up to date on the moment a new video is posted.  Videos and blog posts are released every Tuesday and Thursday, so be sure you’re here so you don’t miss out!

Tabs Covered

We cover three more tabs in this video.  As mentioned prior, one of the tabs operates the same as another from PO Entry.  This tab is the Receipt Notes tab (similar to the PO Notes tab).  On that tab, you will apply notes to your receipt.  Another tab we’ll cover is Receive Substitute Items tab.  This tab is incredibly useful and very easy to use, making the process of receiving a substitute item painless and fast.  The final tab we are going to cover is the Receipt Issues tab.  If you receive a shipment from a Supplier that isn’t correct, you record that error in this tab.  There are many different ways you can record the error.  The coolest feature to me is that if only a specific quantity or lot has the error, you can record the error by that rather than applying the error to the entire line.

All of this is covered in the video above, so make sure you check it out!