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Purchase Order Entry Part 2

Last Tuesday we went over the basics of Purchase Order Entry in Prophet 21, where we discussed topics such as the Purchase Order and Items tabs.  In this week’s video, we will cover more tabs within PO Entry.  If you haven’t watched part one, and you want to go over the PO Entry basics, I highly recommend you go and watch that video, which you can find linked here.  Our main focus in this video will be on the Schedule and Commitment Schedule tabs.  We also will cover tabs such as Extended Info and Purchase History.

The Schedule and Commitment Schedule Tabs

Two tabs that are very powerful and useful in PO Entry are the Schedule and Commitment Schedule tabs.  The Schedule tab is used to set up a default release schedule for an order.  You’ll want to set up a default if you’re entering multiple items with the same or similar schedules on the same order.  There is also the Commitment Schedule tab.  This tab is used so that you can view an item’s net stock, where it’s allocated, when it’s allocated, how much is due in, and when it’s expected.  This tab also gives lead time information on out of stock items so that you can give your customers a delivery estimate before you process an order.  Both are very helpful tabs when it comes to using the PO Entry window.

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