Case Study

Web Based CRM for Outside Sales

  • Web Based CRM Interface
  • Access Via Secure VPN
  • Create Prospect from Web
  • Prospect instantly available in P21 and Web

We extended a web-based master system for reporting and business intelligence to give Outside Sales access from anywhere using a simple VPN connection.

One of our Clients recently presented us with an interesting challenge.  They wanted their Outside Sales team to have quicker, easier access to creating a CRM record in Epicor Prophet 21, especially when it came to creating new prospects in the system.  All of this had to be done on a responsive website, suitable for a tablet, or even a smartphone.

We built a very simple interface.  The rep only had to select their customer from a drop-down list and then a simple 3 field form would pop up.  Within 20 to 30 seconds, the rep could create a CRM record, which would then be saved as a task in P21, enabling it to be seen from Customer Master Inquiry. 

To address the issue of creating new prospects, Atlas developed an extension of the web-based portal that enabled the sales rep to create a new prospect with only two fields, name, and phone number.  This prospect would be immediately available in both Prophet 21 and in the web portal.

Thank you. This is a major step towards getting good CRM activity for Outside Sales.