Case Study

Using Bin Allocations to Track Service Parts

  • Create a SQL hook that triggers a pick ticket printing 
  • Custom database program analyzes service order tickets
  • Warehouse orders moved to the service area
  • Visibility of bin allocation through the pick ticket 

The Client needed parts for service orders to allocate to bins in their service area, but the items for sales orders needed to allocate to the inventory bins in their warehouse.


A Client approached us with a unique issue.  Their business has two sides.  One side is the in-house service and refurbishment of electronic equipment.  The other side is the sales of the same equipment and parts for it.  The service side of the business is extremely busy, taking over a hundred new service orders in an average day. 

Here is the problem: all this activity happens in a single P21 company, and in a single P21 location.

Atlas designed and proposed a Prophet 21 business rule-based solution for this problem.  We created a SQL hook that triggered during the printing of a pick ticket.  If the pick ticket was for service order parts, a custom database program would analyze the items on the ticket, and if they were allocated to the warehouse, the program would move the allocation to the service area, if the part was available there.  When the pick ticket printed, you could see that the parts allocation had moved from one bin to another, providing complete visibility and traceability to the process. 

This project cured a major issue with inventory control and order fulfillment.  

Wow…beautiful. Thank you!