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Prophet 21 Training Resources

Epicor’s Prophet 21 is a complex ERP system, and learning its potential capabilities can be challenging. So we compiled a list of our recommended training resources to help you learn and make connections.

You can go to several sites to learn more about the P21 system.

  • Epicor: Developers of the Prophet 21 ERP system.
  • P21 WWUG:  This is the worldwide user group for Prophet 21 users. P21 has a fantastic user group community with local/regional chapters. The P21WWUG also has a great forum for users to help one another with questions and system issues.

There are also a variety of online and in-person events that Prophet 21 users and prospective customers can attend to find out more about the system.

These events include:

Hopefully, these resources will help answer your questions about Prophet 21.

If you need more information or have specific issues that need to be addressed, please contact us for a free consultation. We are always happy to help Prophet 21 users leverage the power of their system.

Or stop by our Knowledge Base for user-friendly Prophet 21 training resources and videos.