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A common misconception is that when a company invests in Prophet 21 on Azure (the Epicor SaaS platform), they can’t do the same things that can be done in an on-premise installation.  We don’t believe this is the case.   It is absolutely true that there are significant differences between the SaaS and on premise models, but that does not equate to a lack of flexibility.   It does mean that different tools and approaches are used to support P21.

We get it, owning servers is not for everyone.  For many companies, there is a goal to reduce internal IT assets and hard investment in favor of a cloud based approach to technology.   Prophet 21 on Azure is a perfectly reasonable and legitimate way to consume technology.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t leverage and extend P21 to get more from it.   Atlas Precision has invested significant time and resources to help customers on P21’s Azure SaaS hosting bridge the gap to meet their unique needs.

As a Microsoft Partner, we are very familiar with the Azure platform and other cloud based and on premise Microsoft solutions.  We have the tools and techniques to bridge the gap between your Prophet 21 hosted system and other business systems that you depend on, from Office 365 to a full custom web application or anything in between.

Examples of Prophet 21 on Azure Solutions

  • Business rules, both visual and non visual to customize how P21 behaves and reacts to a particular need.
  • Custom web applications, launched from Prophet and hosted on Atlas Precision’s Azure infrastructure.
  • Companion servers to host utility applications, third party apps, integrations, and data warehouses.
  • Cloud Based, SaaS hosted custom integrations on the Atlas Precision Azure infrastructure.

P21 Azure Problems We Help With

  • Clients who need to host apps and infrastructure not covered by Prophet 21 SaaS.
  • Getting third party apps to talk to Prophet 21 via the API and/or text file imports
  • Fire-fighting and other day to day issues keep getting in the way of stuff getting done.

Accurate Results and Rapid Time-to-Value…That’s How it Should Work

Assess, prioritize, and execute.  It’s that simple.  You tell us the problem, we start fixing it.  Lengthy proposals and a time-consuming quotation process are not our preference.  We would rather spend our time time bringing value to your business.  You don’t need a 20 page proposal and a three week back-and-forth discussion explaining the problem.   We speak your language, and we understand how important results are.

We don’t like half-baked solutions that kind of make things better.  We also hate things that are overly complicated.   You and your team need solutions that are simple and actually executable.  We strive to provide complete solutions.  You should be able to feel the difference when things are getting done right.  The sooner that happens, the better it is for you and for us.

If we cannot deliver the Prophet 21 support you need, we will tell you quickly, and we will be transparent about it.  If we know who can help you, we will put them in touch with you.  Our business is built on doing what is best for the customer, even if that means we are not the right fit for you.

Get in touch with us today to find out if our Prophet 21 support services are a fit for your company.

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